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STSM: Professor Bekim Gashi’s Mobility Experience

STSM: Professor Bekim Gashi’s Mobility Experience

Professor Bekim Gashi recently undertook a Short-Term Scientific Mission (STSM) within the FruitCREWS COST Action, exploring the water status and functionality of grapevines under different irrigation strategies. He worked with Professor Pasquale Losciale in Bari, Italy, from August 20, 2023, to September 20, 2023.

Bekim’s mission began with a thorough introduction to irrigation regimes and ecophysiological indicators. Over the subsequent weeks, data on soil water content, microclimate variables, and functional variables like photosynthesis and transpiration were collected and analyzed using specialized instruments. In the final week, the team analyzed their findings to determine optimal irrigation strategies for fruit trees, with a focus on grapevines. Additionally, they explored potential applications of their findings and examined variables affected by water scarcity.

Bekim’s STSM promoted capacity building and fostered cooperation between Italy and Kosovo, both facing agricultural challenges. Key achievements include enhancing understanding of grapevine behavior, expanding the use of methodologies and instruments, and improving measurement and data interpretation.

Bekim’s journey highlights the transformative power of international collaboration and knowledge sharing in agricultural research. With researchers like Bekim Gashi and initiatives like FruitCREWS, we can look forward to innovative breakthroughs in grapevine research and water management.