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Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) allow scientists to learn from an institution or laboratory in another COST country - a concept of particular interest to young scientists (PhD students, Post-docs).

These Missions aim at strengthening the COST Action by allowing scientists to go to an institution or laboratory in another COST country to foster collaboration, to learn a new technique or to take measurements using instruments and/or methods not available in their own institution/laboratory.

Researchers across Europe are working together taking advantage of this instrument to show impressive results in a short period of time.

The Grant applicant(s) are Action participants with a primary affiliation to a legal entity located in a COST Full or Cooperating Member country, a COST Near Neighbour Country or a European Research and Technological Development Organisation.

The application must be performed online.
Contact person: Dr. George Manganaris,

In April 2024, Leonardo Conti traveled to Spain for a FruitCREWS Short-Term Scientific Mission (STSM) to learn how remote sensing technologies can help monitor crop water...
Dr. Raquel Martínez Peña visited the Information Technology group of Prof. dr. Bedir Tekinerdogan at the Wageningen University (WU) and the Netherlands Plant Eco-phenotyping Centre from...
Dr. Jasmina Đorđević embarked on a Short Term Scientific Mission (STSM) from September 22 to October 2, 2023, hosted by the Mathematics Department at Minho University...
Irrigating vines
From 11 to 22 June 2023, the FruitCREWS COST Action Anna-Lena Haug was on a Short-Term Scientific Mission (STSM) organized by FruitCREWS COST Action. The host...
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Dr. Melissa Venturi from the Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences in Bologna, Italy, recently completed a Short-Term Scientific Mission (STSM) as part of the FruitCREWS...
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From 1 to 30 September, Jose M. Torres Ruiz was on an Short Term Scientific Mission (STSM) at the Institute of Natural Resources and Agrobiology of...
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