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Working Group 3 – 1st Year Progress

Working Group 3 – 1st Year Progress
FruitCREWS - WG3

WG3: Irrigation scheduling

The first year of FruitCREWS COST Action in WG3 focused on building a database of existing scientific manuscripts analyzing the scheduling methods for irrigating

On 3rd March, WG3 representatives conducted the Kick-off meeting and presented the key tasks of WG3. They can be summarised as follows:

  • T3.1 To identify routines to estimate the right amount of irrigation to be supplied 
  • T3.2 To identify the most effective irrigation scheduling protocols
  • T3.3 To provide protocols for a better identification of management zones (MZ) for addressing within-field variability in plant water status.

Dr. Victor Blanco, Dr. Cenk Küçükyumuk, and Prof. Anabela Silva were respectively chosen as the researchers responsible for each of these tasks. 

The team devised a survey intended for participants of WG to generate a dataset containing scientific publications on irrigation information for specific crops (Apple & Pears, Peach, Olives, Grapevines, and Kiwifruit). The organizers proposed this survey during the second WG3 online meeting, resulting in 70 responses regarding the irrigation of fruit tree crops. However, considering the group’s decision to compile literature reviews for each of the five crops, this response count may prove insufficient. In a subsequent online meeting on October 17th, WG leaders devised a new strategy to expand the datasets. The plan involved dividing participants into five groups, each with a designated researcher responsible for gathering comprehensive data. Those in charge would then scrutinize and compare the article lists, checking them against the keywords used in the previous search results for WG1.

At the first annual FruitCREWS meeting in Bertinoro, Italy (10-12th July), WG3 members introduced themselves briefly and also identified a dissemination and communication representative.