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Working Group 5 – 1st Year Progress

Working Group 5 – 1st Year Progress
FruitCREWS - WG5

Working Group 5 (WG5): Guidelines for Implementation in Practice

The WG5 kick-off meeting took place on the February 20th, 2023. During this meeting, the main tasks of WG5 were presented, summarised as follows:

  • Task 5.1: To demonstrate, disseminate and communicate FruitCREWS results, in connection with Task 4.1: Establish local living labs from WG4 (DSSs: advantages and constraints).
  • Task 5.2: To suggest improvements to existing DSSs based on the knowledge provided by WG1 (physiological parameters and sensing technologies) and WG2 (models).
  • Task 5.3: To suggest policy actions to facilitate the adoption and use of DSSs.
  • Task 5.4: To promote the possibility of continuing the Action activities through research projects.

Based on this meeting, WG5 members took the opportunity to introduce themselves briefly, and some task leaders were identified. Furthermore, after the FruitCREWS 1st Annual Meeting in Bologna, a dissemination and communication representative for WG5 was also identified.

Throughout the year, the WG5 has focused on the efforts in Tasks 5.1, Task 5.3 and Task 5.4, mainly. Regarding Task 5.1, a survey is being developed to incorporate relevant information into living labs where the main crops for FruitCREWS are being studied. According to Task 5.3, a bibliography review is being developed to check whether there are policy actions in place in some countries/areas related to the application of sensors to fruit crops and to check the digital maturity for the sector. In relation to Task 5.4, a first review of future possibilities of participation in research projects was presented at the 1st Annual Meeting of FruitCREWS and more specific work will be carried out to look for opportunities to establish research project proposals. The results of this Action will be reported to policy makers and concerned representatives from EU research programs for future research agendas.

Finally, WG5 has participated in two Short-Term Scientific Mission (STSM)

  1. Anna Maria Taliadorou visited for two weeks the Desertification Research Centre (CIDE-CSIC) in Valencia, Spain, from 14 to 28 September. During her training period, she actively contributed to the project by analysing thermal images of grapevines that had been treated with Kaolin and conducting field measurements in olive trees to assess their responses to different irrigation practices.
  2. Ita Bonner Angoni also visited for two weeks the Desertification Research Centre (CIDE-CSIC) in Valencia, Spain, from 11 to 22 September. During her training period she colligated in irrigation scheduling procedures in fruit tree crops and in particular in relation with the use of microtensiometers and thermal imagery.